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Hi! My name is Patrizia Mina, twenty years old, grown up between the Piedmont side of Ticino, Ossola mountains and Lake Maggiore.
Yesterday I was only a student walking  silently behind the others, wondering about my future, and right now I find myself with this conscious unconsciousness towards my first trip , full of enthusiasm and   wish of testing me out. I’ve always had inside the fancy of travelling and going around the world; it has been a fortune to me to meet Claudio and have the possibility to transform  this dream into reality.
Have a good trip!
Patrizia Mina


My name is Claudio Del Grande, born in Liguria (Italy) and radical traveller for five years. I am fond of technique and mechanic as well as individual sport activities; soon I got close to the world of  the bicycle and motorbike. This attitude and my working experiences in light carpentry and manual nature works have built a very important know-how for the next years, those for an independent traveller. Have a good travel!!
Claudio Del Grande

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