salam brat (2006-...) - trip

November 2006 / July 2008

The routing  pass through  East-Europe, Asia and Middle East. We will visit 33 States as follows:

Europe:  Austria, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Ukraine.

Asia: Russia, Kazakistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tagikistan, Kirghikistan, Russia (Siberia),    
          Mongolia, China, (Hong Kong), Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, India,
          Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Iran, Georgia, Armenia.

Medio Oriente: Turkey

Europe (returning to Italy):  Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia.

The total distance in kilometres  is about 60000 km.
In the first part of our travel, we’ll use a off-road vehicle to reach Mongolia. Once arrived in China, because of difficulties of entering  vehicles with numberplate, we’ll buy 2 bikes and we’ll go on.
Time necessary for the complete travel is about 24 months.  

The slowness ,which is proper of an overland travel, allows us to reach each place with a sense of physical and moral conquest    and  also  to absorb completely the real atmosphere of the country we’re passing through. 
We intended our travel as an “on the road” trip, far from places “absolutely to be seen” , but rather looking forward small villages, towns, crossing frontiers bringing a pack with the necessary (tent, stove, sleeping bag, etc.).  No tourist guide  or independent trip can’t describe in advance  the situations we’ll run into: for instance , knowing different religious and social realities or even  facing complicated countries  circumstances.. 

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