A travel is always an  exciting adventure, one is the craftsman of all its decisions in total autonomy. One becomes conscious about its limits, not those imposed by conformism. At the beginning, as one gets closer to the travel starts to feel its simplest and obvious messages as calls: new  landscapes, different cultures, new encounters. As time and experience take place, if one understands (fortune or misfortune?) “this is my life”, the calls written above enter inside a basic entity : the movement. That is. The radical traveller build up Movement as another person his house,  his job, long term interpersonal rapports.
After that, the Travel-Practice as  Philosophy change characteristics: it stops being a funny and nice event, it turns dramatic, replace a sedentary life, gets longer in time which has no more a  relative value.
A well defined feeling follows the travel: senses always on the alert allow to be totally awake and concentrate for the immediate.
This creates a sense of exclusive enjoyment, besides being determinant in terms of security. Let’s explain: how many times happens to cross the road without looking if any car is approaching? Nobody  counts them, but everybody does that.
The straight highway  is a lot more dangerous than a road full of holes where is impossible to be distracted.

Andrea Del Grande - all rights reserved -